App of the month! Futrli Predict

App of the month! Futrli Predict

As mentioned in last month’s App of the Month article, a copy of which you can find here, our digital services team work with many clients to find the right tools to help them efficiently manage their business. This is not solely centred on helping clients choose the right accounting software but looks at their wider systems and how, by using a series of connected apps, they can avoid the disconnect that often exists between the accounting software and other business software.

These apps cover a range of business areas and you can read more in our digital guides which you can find here.

Selecting the right app can be difficult, especially with so many to choose from. It is important that any app, which you bring into your business, is the best fit for you. Making a recommendation requires a detailed understanding of your business and any other systems that you use. That is where our digital services team come in to play. They work with you to research and recommend the right apps for your business.

Whilst recommending the right app must be approached with due care and attention, we still want to share with you the apps that we are excited to be working with.

App spotlight – Futrli Predict

This month we take a closer look at Futrli Predict. Futrli Predict is a fairly recent addition to the Futrli family and what a great addition it is. Futrli Predict gives business owners daily reassurance about their cash flow and more!

Futrli Predict connects to Xero or QuickBooks to give a 3-year sales, expense, tax and cash flow forecast:

  • The coming months have invoice and bill precision – driven from the due dates or expected dates within Xero or QuickBooks
  • Beyond that algorithms look at trends, seasonality and COVID effects
  • You can create your own predictions for products, services and staff
  • The forecast can be exported to be used for finance applications

Better still the forecast is presented in an easy to use, jargon free format. It is certainly easy to see why this has become the heart of many businesses.

Not only is Futrli Predict a great tool for business owners, it is also the driving force behind our management advisory ‘Insights’ package. With our Insights package, we will:

  • Provide a short-term cash flow forecast (typically 13 weeks)
  • Review and discuss the short-term cash flow forecast weekly or monthly to suit
  • Provide rolling updates to the short-term cash flow forecast

Want to hear more?

If you are interested in hearing more about Futrli Predict, or are keen to hear more about other apps, then please get in touch with our Digital Services Manager, Sarah Smith, at or on 01942 292527 or arrange a call or Zoom using this scheduling link.