Advice, Development, Strategy

Our clients are business people and like all owner-managers, CEOs and business proprietors they find themselves constantly making decisions. It's a daily, sometimes hourly, process. While most entrepreneurs have boards and management teams to share their day-to-day responsibility, there are times when major decisions must be made in comparative isolation.

Perhaps the opportunity to acquire another business comes along. An ambitious customer may demand the lion’s share of your output, creating an opportunity to grow but introducing higher dependence and imbalances into your income stream. A larger, acquisitive competitor may want to absorb your business. You may have aspirations to replicate your business in overseas territories; to set up a franchise network, acquire an attractive licence or embark on a corporate restructure.

Perhaps you have vague ideas about a future flotation, merger, management buy-out or exit that needs to be formulated into a positive plan of action. We’ll appraise your personal goals and devise strategies for reaching them.

These sorts of challenges and opportunities are some of the most stimulating aspects of business. They all involve careful consideration of the financial implications. Will you need more funding? Will the timescale of growth and development match the funding scenario? What are the risks of rapid growth? What will the end benefits be?

When these decisions are in the balance you may need someone with experience, knowledge, independence, integrity, sagacity and judgment to bounce your ideas off; someone with the professional standing to treat your concerns in absolute confidence and give you a frank, unbiased view.You’ll need help in turning your plans into reality

We’ll study the current position of your business in terms of operations and facilities and its position in the market, with a formal business analysis. Jackson Stephen’s clients are comfortable just picking up the phone, anytime, and talking to our partners about anything and everything to do with business development and strategy. We listen. We analyse and advise, then bring lifetimes of collective experience and connections to bear on the issue under discussion, with our feet firmly on the ground.

We’re as fascinated by the business process as you are.

Our clients tell us that the added value that this ‘bouncing-off’ advice brings to their decision-making is what makes Jackson Stephen a different kind of accountancy firm. We’re not just providers of accounting and compliance services. We’re a trusted, integral part of your management team.

Jackson Stephen can help with:

  • Business development
  • Devising and implementing systems
  • Tax planning for you and your family in the context of your business
  • Implementing cost efficient procedures
  • Implementing accounting systems and analysing results
  • Market research and competitor profiling
  • Feedback from suppliers, customers and staff
  • Selecting and training future leaders
  • Succession planning
  • Wealth creation and planning

Just pick up the phone.