Audit, Accounts, Tax Compliance


In the interest of thoroughness we describe the usual audit process, in detail, as follows:

A pre-audit planning meeting

To detail the objectives of work required and draw up a mutually agreed timetable.  We aim to involve you in the planning process and make sure you clearly understand our approach to your business. This ensures we cover any commercial areas that may be giving you cause for concern.

Audit fieldwork

Including stock count and systems and management controls review. We regard the audit as an integral part of our ongoing relationship and not an isolated assignment.

The production of a post-audit, accounts and business review

Which details systems’ strengths and weaknesses and suggests new ways to develop your business and make savings. We help you to interpret the results and to understand any variations.

Production of Statutory Accounts

Within six weeks of starting the year end audit, ensuring that you receive meaningful information at the earliest opportunity. We ensure the audit is completed professionally, efficiently and accurately, leaving you to get on with running your business.


Your business may require a full audit or fall outside these requirements. Our accounts team will establish exactly what’s required then make sure your Annual Accounts are prepared and filed in conformity with statutory requirements.

Tax Compliance

We deal fully with all necessary tax compliance work including:
  • Preparation of personal and corporate tax returns and computations
  • Calculation and advice on expected tax liabilities and advising when they are due for payment
  • dealing with all aspects of your personal and business relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and any questions they might raise or investigations they instigate
  • Advising on changes in legislation which will affect you and your business