Forensic Accounting, Investigations

Our dedicated forensic accounting team has extensive experience and is highly qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of forensic accounting.

Our team is routinely called upon to assist lawyers, barristers, regulatory authorities, insurers and private clients throughout the United Kingdom. 

We provide a broad range of services including:

  • Business valuations: partnership disputes, commercial disputes, business sales, divorce settlements
  • Commercial litigation: disputes, business interruption claims
  • Loss of earnings: personal injury, clinical negligence, pension losses, fatal accidents
  • Fraud: investigating allegations of fraud, asset tracing
  • Investigations: criminal proceedings, taxation and regulatory issues, Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)
  • Dispute resolution: consequential losses, compulsory purchase orders 

We have been instructed as a party appointed expert and as a single joint expert in legal proceedings for both civil and criminal assignments. Our team have appeared in Court on numerous occasions and are well versed in the complex legal procedures leading up to trial. 

The team have been involved in a wide range of assignments from relatively small personal injury claims to multi-million-pound commercial disputes.

We are highly respected by lawyers and barristers and have a high record of favourable outcomes.  We act as an expert witness, producing detailed reports and attending Court, if required, but for smaller or less complex matters we can provide a brief advisory report or simply a calculation if more relevant in the circumstances.

Jackson Stephen aim to provide a robust, high quality, cost-effective service that is appropriate to each client’s needs.  

Our team is led by Andrew Davies who has over 17 years’ experience as a Forensic Accountant within top 10 firms and niche practices.

For more information about our forensic accounting and investigations service please contact Andrew Davies at or 01942 292576.

Here is an overview of some of Andrew’s recent cases:

In a recent POCA case the Prosecutions Section 16 statement had adduced a benefit figure in excess of £2.4 million. After analysing all of the information provided by the Prosecution and requesting further information from the Defendant, the Prosecution’s figure was challenged and the benefit figure was eventually agreed at a significantly lower figure of £570,000.

Fraud Investigations

A recent fraud investigation concerned employee theft. The quantum of the theft identified was in excess of £250,000.  The findings have been used to negotiate the repayment of the stolen funds.

Personal injury and Clinical Negligence

A recent personal injury case was as a result of historic child abuse.  Both loss of earnings and pension had to be considered in this case.

Commercial Disputes / Business Interruption Claims

A recent business interruption claim involved a dispute about the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of property by a local authority. As a result of the investigation and calculations, the initial compensation figure was increased from £25,000 to a settlement of £175,000.

Matrimonial Disputes

A large amount of matrimonial cases that he has worked on have been as a shadow expert, his role within the proceedings has often helped his instructing Solicitor to get a better financial understanding of the Forensic report prepared in the matter. He has also been able to identify errors, inaccuracies, omissions and problems with methodology.