Wealth Management

If the past five years have proved anything, it’s that leaving your money sitting in the bank earning interest is an option that very few people would advise or take.

Of course, we are now faced with a plethora of choice in finding a safe but more productive alternative.

So where should an investor go to balance risk and reward? Into property, stocks and bonds, equities, managed capital growth funds, pension plans, SIPPS, gold, art and collectables?

It can be confusing, unless, of course, you have an experienced and trusted financial adviser who has devoted an entire career to following the shifting nuances of investing; an expert in generating the best return on savings and capital.

Again, it’s a question of discovering our clients’ priorities.

Where do you, personally, draw the line between growth and security? Is your objective a comfortable retirement, regular income or the acquisition of assets? Is making provision for your descendants the main objective of wealth accumulation? Perhaps you need to put all these elements into the mix; with the questions of Income, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax complicating the discussion.

The answer is to speak to an expert who can translate your concerns and priorities into a solid plan of action. Jackson Stephen has a team dedicated to the management of wealth, to produce income for the present, growth for the future or a bedrock for your family’s prosperity in years to come.

Our job is to understand you and your real intentions, then build a sophisticated plan which delivers against these objectives using the best financial vehicles available.

Our clients agree that time invested in a wealth management consultation with Jackson Stephen is one of the best investments they’ll ever make.