App of the month! Capsule CRM

App of the month! Capsule CRM

Our digital services team work with many clients to find the right tools to help them efficiently manage their business. This is not solely centred on helping clients choose the right accounting software (we can do that too!) but looks at businesses wider systems and how, by using a series of connected apps, businesses can avoid the disconnect that often exists between the accounting software and other business software.

Don’t let the word App fool you!

The word App is often associated with a mobile app which gives the perception that they are small and, therefore, not robust enough to form part of a business's internal systems. They can be seen as a fad. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The apps we refer to here are business software in their own right. There are many benefits to using these connected apps:

  1. The integrations with accounting software mean you only have one point of data entry
  2. The wide choice means you can select the app that best suits your business
  3. You have the flexibility to change apps without having to change the whole system
  4. They are cloud based, so you reap the rewards of being in a cloud environment

The apps cover a range of business areas including, but not limited to:

  • CRM
  • Debtor tracking
  • Ecommerce
  • Inventory
  • Payments
  • Payroll and HR
  • Point of sale
  • Time tracking

You can find our guides on these areas here.

Which is the right app for me?

Selecting the right app can be difficult, especially with so many to choose from. It’s important that any app which you bring into your business is the best fit for you. Making a recommendation requires a detailed understanding of your business and any other systems that you use. That is where our digital services team come in to play. They work with you to research and recommend the right apps for your business.

Whilst recommending the right app must be approached with due care and attention, we still want to share with you the apps that we are excited to be working with.

App spotlight – Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is a simple online CRM used by thousands of businesses worldwide. With Capsule CRM you get:

  • Contact Management – Giving you an overview of the people and companies you do business with
  • Tasks & Calendar – Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls and more
  • Sales Pipeline – Get a complete summary of your opportunities through a sales dashboard
  • Sales Analytics – Monitor every aspect of your sales cycle with reports and insights
  • Capsule for Mobile – Manage what matters most to you anywhere you are with the app for iOS and Android

Capsule integrates seamlessly with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage Business Cloud to provide a complete picture of your customers, from capturing that first lead, right through to invoicing and payments.

The accounting integrations keep your customer data in sync and also give you an instant overview of invoices and estimates without having to leave Capsule:

  • Add customers and suppliers directly to Xero - Use Capsule to easily add customers and suppliers directly to Xero as they progress from initial enquiry through to a sale.
  • Only enter data once - Capsule automatically keeps customer and supplier records in Xero up to date so that you only need to change them in one place.
  • View invoice history and overdue balances - Capsule includes a summary of invoices and overdue amounts right alongside the customer's details in Capsule to give you the full picture when you speak to them.

Capsule CRM can be further integrated with proposal apps, marketing apps, web-forms and many more.

All in all, Capsule CRM is much more than a CRM!

Want to hear more?

If you are interested in hearing more about Capsule CRM, or are keen to hear more about other apps, then please get in touch with our Digital Services Manager, Sarah Smith, at or on 01942 292527 or arrange a call or Zoom using this scheduling link.