Are you protected in the event of a Tax Investigation?

Are you protected in the event of a Tax Investigation?

HMRC activity is more focused and better targeted than ever before. Investigations are intrusive, costly and time consuming. In 2017/18 HMRC collected £30.3bn from enquiries into self-assessment returns for both individuals and companies. HMRC's Connect System now contains over 22bn lines of data. HMRC claims that any information received by them concerning any individual taxpayer can now be linked to the taxpayer's file in minutes. This enables tax investigators to be proactive and targeted in selecting cases for enquiry, in addition to the thousands of enquiries each year that are chosen entirely at random.

In the event of an enquiry by HMRC it is important that you appoint specialists to defend yourself or your business. The tax investigations team at Jackson Stephen have the experience and expertise to ensure that you only pay the right amount of tax and do not concede to HMRC’s demands without adequate counter-argument. Our team will handle all correspondence, attend meetings with HMRC and ensure that we deal with tax enquiries effectively and efficiently.

Jackson Stephen’s Tax Investigations Service


Anyone can be selected for an enquiry and the ramifications can be far reaching. The professional fees for dealing with an enquiry can run into thousands of pounds. As your adviser, we offer a Tax Investigations Service which provides subscribers to the service with peace of mind that in the event of an HMRC enquiry you or your business will be protected by our insurance policy against the professional fees arising from dealing with the case.


If you would like any additional information regarding our Tax Investigations Service or would like to subscribe to the service please contact Claire Pilkington on the details below:

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