Bounce-Back Plans Launched for Consumer and Retail Industry

Bounce-Back Plans Launched for Consumer and Retail Industry

A ‘bounce-back’ plan of trade measures for the consumer and retail industry has been announced by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to help support businesses impacted by Coronavirus. These are:

  • New measures to help boost exports and increase British retail firms’ readiness to sell overseas
  • New plans to create a Consumer and Retail Export Academy to help businesses export, via a digital learning syllabus

DIT says “The new measures will offer immediate support to businesses by ensuring specialists provide advice on online retail and international marketplaces. The launch of a new Consumer and Retail Export Academy will provide businesses with the critical knowledge, skills and networks needed to increase exports. The plan will also outline long-term support for the sector as new export opportunities arise from trade deals being negotiated with the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.”

Further details are expected, and we will bring you the facts of the support when we receive them. For more information please click here.

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