Digital Tools for Professional Services Businesses

Digital Tools for Professional Services Businesses

Many businesses are now returning to their new normal but the legacy of COVID-19 will be around for a while and this will lead to changes in the way we work. There is a growing need to rely on technology and this week we explore how professional services businesses can use that technology to streamline their accounting systems.

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It’s not all about accounting systems though. There are challenges with remote working which, whilst they affect everyone, have a great impact on professional services businesses whose main asset is their staff. There are some great tools to help, a handful of which we share below:

1.    Communication

It goes without saying that Microsoft Teams and Zoom are a must for remote working.

Microsoft Teams provides a great solution for internal meetings with video calling and screen sharing to facilitate training, file sharing for team collaboration and chat channels for quick group questions to save clogging up emails.

Zoom is best for external meetings, larger team meetings and hosting webinars which are proving very valuable when engaging in marketing activities. 

2.    Workflow Management

Asana and Microsoft Planner provide solutions to manage assignments and projects. 

Asana gives the option to set tasks and deadlines to know where work stands, use a standard structure for tasks for consistency across the team and set up recurring tasks for repeat jobs. Notifications will share updates with stakeholders without the need to send separate emails.

Microsoft Planner allows users to create projects, assign projects and/or sub-tasks to team members and have a visual overview of the project’s progress.

Trello provides another alternative, and all can be integrated with Microsoft Teams to have one easy access point for all the team.

3.    Staff Wellbeing

Mental health is also more important than ever before with employers offering apps to employees to help with mental wellbeing. Headspace provides great support with exercises and techniques for individuals to practice.

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