Don’t Forget to Register With HMRC for Making Tax Digital!

Don’t Forget to Register With HMRC for Making Tax Digital!

Don’t forget to register with HMRC for Making Tax Digital!

Over the last few months, businesses have been preparing for Making Tax Digital and now most businesses have their functional compatible software in place.

You may recall, this functional compatible software is necessary for all VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold of £85k.

It doesn’t stop there

There is also the requirement for businesses to register with HMRC for Making Tax Digital. This must be done before a business can connect its software to HMRC and submit VAT returns under Making Tax Digital.

How to register

You can register at

You will need your VAT registration number, UTR and existing Government Gateway credentials ready for the registration.

When to register

Once registered, you must file all future returns through the functional compatible software whether it’s mandatory or not.

So, as a starter, we only recommend registering with HMRC when you are satisfied you have the software in place.

As you must submit under Making Tax Digital from the point of registration, we recommend getting set up after all non MTD returns are submitted. In fact, it’s sensible to register as soon as you have submitted the last non MTD return then you know it’s done.

You don’t have to wait!

If you have the software in place, and are eager to get the final pieces of the jigsaw in place, you can register with HMRC early. You will be opted into the pilot but it’s a good way to see what’s in store. Just remember there’s no going back once you are registered.

Don’t leave it too late

HMRC take up to 72 hours to process the registration. You cannot register for Making Tax Digital if there is less than 72 hours to the filing deadline so be sure to allow plenty of time.

Here’s a handy timetable that may be helpful:

Monthly returns

Month Submission Date            MTD Registration Deadline
April 2019            7 June 2019                      3 June 2019


Quarterly returns

Month Submission Date MTD Registration Deadline
June 2019 7 August 2019 3 August 2019
July 2019 7 September 2019            3 September 2019
August 2019        7 October 2019 3 October 2019

Don’t forget about the software

Once registered with HMRC you do need to enable the MTD function in your software. Each software varies slightly but feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help at all.

Big changes

Making Tax Digital is a big change for all of us. Unfortunately it’s not going away and rather than see this as a chore, we believe it’s a great opportunity to review and improve existing systems and make the most of the fantastic array of cloud software that is now available to us.

If you would like to discuss anything further, whether it be MTD or software choices, please feel free to contact our Cloud Accounting & Business Outsourcing Manager, Sarah Smith, on the details below, who will be happy to help:

Sarah Smith
Cloud Accounting & Business Outsourcing Manager
direct dial: 01942 292527