Five Ways to Stop Wasting Time Doing Accounting Approvals

Five Ways to Stop Wasting Time Doing Accounting Approvals

You may recall from a previous article that we have recently partnered with ApprovalMax to bring you automated invoice approvals.

Invoice approvals quite often fall into two categories:

1. They are time consuming as they rely very much on paper, rubber stamps or convoluted e-mail approvals.

2. They don’t exist at all which can often lead to businesses only knowing of costs after they have been incurred.

It is quite often an area where improvements can be made especially in the current climate, with remote working fast becoming the norm and a greater need for businesses to be controlling their expenditure.

Please read our guide here which explains further how automated invoice approvals can help you.

If you would like to hear more about ApprovalMax please don’t hesitate to contact our Digital Services Manager, Sarah Smith, on 01942 292527, or email Alternatively, please feel free to schedule a call with Sarah via her scheduling link here.