Get ready for Brexit

Get ready for Brexit

There is still uncertainty around what Brexit will mean and planning for a “No Deal” seems very sensible. As it stands the Government insists that the UK will leave the EU ‘with’ or ‘without’ a deal on 31 October 2019.

An information campaign urging businesses to get ready for Brexit was recently launched by the Government, with businesses and organisations which buy and sell from the EU among the specific groups targeted by the campaign.

If you trade any goods or services with the EU you will need to get ready for Brexit. You will need to prepare and take action if you:

  • Export goods to the EU.
  • Import goods from the EU.
  • Transport goods by road.
  • Export animals or animal products. 

You can find out how to prepare your business for Brexit here. You can use this link to find out:

  • What your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for Brexit.
  • What’s changing in your industry.
  • Information on specific rules and regulations. 

There are 7 questions you’ll be asked to get guidance relevant to your business, organisation and industry.

Don’t leave it too late – check what you need to do to prepare!

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