New Confirmation Statement to replace Annual Returns

New Confirmation Statement to replace Annual Returns

New changes see the replacement of the Annual Return with the requirement to file a Confirmation Statement from 30 June 2016 providing up to date information for inclusion on the public register at Companies House.

Companies with an Annual Return due date on or after 30 June 2016 will be the first to submit the new Confirmation Statement and must do so within 14 days of their due date. Unlike Annual Returns you may submit as many statements during the year as needed although no more than 12 months can pass from the previous statement submitted.

The differences between the Confirmation Statement and the Annual Return include:

• Where elections have been made to keep any legal registers at Companies House, a statement confirming all information on those registers will need to be submitted; 

• Where a company is exempt from keeping a PSC register, a statement is required of the fact that it is exempt, unless the information has not changed since it was last provided;

• A requirement to supply the information on a company’s PSC register at Companies House.

It is important to note that your PSC register should always be kept up to date as you will need to include information held on people with significant control (PSC).

If you would like more information about the new Confirmation Statement, or help in complying with your statutory responsibilities, please contact our Audit Partner, Peter Atkinson, on the details below:

Peter Atkinson
Audit Partner
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