Our Top 3 Digital Tools

Our Top 3 Digital Tools

Earlier this month we heard our Digital Services Manager, Sarah Smith’s, recommendations for the core features for any cloud accounting software package.

Ever excited to talk about all things digital, Sarah is back with us to share her favourite digital tools with you.

I’m a great fan of the payment services that enable you to include a pay now button on your sales invoices. According to research, customers pay more quickly when presented with a payment link - I know I certainly do! On this basis, these payment services will also help you get paid more quickly.

ApprovalMax is another favourite. ApprovalMax provides an online approval process from purchase ordering, purchase invoice approvals to finance approvals. The approvals are all done online or through a mobile app and, once set up, the purchase orders or invoices will automatically enter a pre-defined approval matrix without any work!

There are many tools to choose from but, to try to keep it to three, I’ll pick only one more and that, in the current climate, is Futrli. Futrli is a reporting tool that allows you to create live dashboards containing KPIs (key performance indicators) that matter to you. It’s such a great tool for monitoring performance and has so many reporting capabilities that it is an iNews in itself.

Click here for a snapshot of these digital tools.

As ever, if you want to hear more please do not hesitate to contact our Digital Services Manager, Sarah Smith, on 01942 292527, or email sarah.smith@jsllp.co.uk.