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Financial Management

Accessing robust management information will ensure you adopt a strategy that makes financial sense and will allow you to monitor progress and be agile if changes are needed.

Businesses of all sizes need advice and support, from those businesses that are in their infancy, to those who are looking to exit.

Our services can be as flexible as possible. You will be allocated a dedicated team member who will support you through your journey. Using digital allows us to provide services remotely which is ideal if you have limited office space, and fits in with any flexible working arrangements you may have. If you feel you would prefer a presence at your office, then that’s fine too.

We have years of experience in helping businesses understand their financial performance.  It is not just about the numbers; it is about what they mean to you and your business

Our team can help with:

Our Insights package is aimed at businesses who need help managing their short-term cash, maybe if they are new to business or have some specific investments that they need to make.

With our insights service we will:

  • Provide a short-term cash flow forecast (typically 13 weeks)
  • Review and discuss the short-term cash flow forecast weekly or monthly to suit
  • Provide rolling updates to the short-term cash flow forecast

Our Planning package is aimed at businesses who want to grow, have a specific target in mind or want to closely monitor their business performance.

With our planning service we will:

  • Provide a long-term forecast (6 months to 2 years), including scenario analysis
  • Review and discuss the long-term cash flow forecast monthly and compare it to actual results
  • Provide advice on changes to the strategy
  • Provide rolling updates to the long-term cash flow

Our Strategy package is aimed at businesses who need help and support devising a business plan or strategy, or those who are seeking to raise finance, funding, or investment.

With our planning and strategy service we will:

  • Assist with the preparation of a business plan including - incorporating financial targets, goals, and milestones
  • Review and discuss the financial results monthly with reference to the targets, goals, and milestones
  • Provide advice on changes to the plan
  • Provide rolling updates to the financial targets, goals, and milestones

You may think of performance reporting as management accounting and it is, to some degree, but our performance reporting is so much more. Our performance reports are built based on your targets and goals. Your reports will not contain information that is not important to you.  You may not need to know why Sundry Expenses have increased by 0.2% but, if you plan to change your sales mix, or reach a specific target, then that’s what you need to know. We use the latest technology to deliver these reports to you which allows us to bring your reports to life, through graphs, snapshots, and charts. It’s much more than your traditional sea of numbers and it is clear and simple to understand.

As part of the performance reporting service, we will:

  • Create a report pack that is tailored to highlight the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are specific to your goals
  • Review performance against the targets
  • Understand the reasons for variances
  • Provide advice on changes to the strategy and targets - do any new targets need monitoring and are there any older KPIs that are no longer relevant?
  • Set clear action points to address before the next meeting

Our reporting tools allow you to set up a series of dashboards that focus on your specific targets, rather than being overwhelmed with a range of information that isn't useful. By paying specific attention to any goals and deliverables, time is used more efficiently. If blockages exist, we make plans to overcome them, at JS we bring solutions to problems.

We can provide a snapshot of your business's financial health. Our quick Financial Health Check looks at your business from a profitability, liquidity, and going concern perspective. We can also use this data to compare you to other businesses in your industry, assisting you with your competitor analysis.

Supporting you every step of the way.

Our clients tell us that the added value that this ‘bouncing-off’ advice brings to their decision-making is what makes Jackson Stephen a different kind of accountancy firm. We’re not just providers of accounting and compliance services. We’re a trusted, integral part of your management team.

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