JS. Business Advisory

Strategic Support

Our support goes beyond the numbers, we are here to help guide you by combining our instinct and experience to be your trusted sounding board for any business decision.

Do you have plans to grow, or want to exit your business? Do you simply need to understand your business in more detail? Whatever the nature of the challenges your business faces, our team are here to help you.

Our strategic support team also work closely with JS.Tax Advisory to ensure your plans are as tax efficient as possible.

Our team can help with:

Our dedicated team can help you with all aspects of creating a business plan. Whether you need help with market research, or selecting a leadership team, or simply pulling together the business plan and financial information, our wealth of experience is here to help.

Through benchmarking and market research, you can see how you compare to other businesses in your industry. Or, through performance reporting, you can identify your most profitable products or services. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and being part of your journey.

Business acquisition is often a strategy for growth. Acquiring a business brings great benefits. An acquisition will: reduce competition; allow you to enter a new market; help you gain new technology; and help you gain new expertise. A business acquisition can also be very stressful. We work with you to help you identify and evaluate target businesses, as well as support you throughout the process.

Business deals, such as business acquisitions and corporate mergers, can make or break the events in the life of a business. Our advisory team is here to help ensure you have the right deal.

Our due diligence service covers many aspects of business deals, such as:

  • Full review of the business case purporting to the deal
  • Risk analysis
  • Full review of business agreements, such as sale and purchase agreements
  • Representation during negotiations
  • Post deal support

All businesses need a strong succession plan, both in terms of key roles within the business and also the ownership structure. We are here to support with that.

We can consider all potential options for a business disposal and support you every step of the way, from finding a buyer to project managing the sale process.

Our business advisory team is routinely called upon to assist with business valuations. Whether you need a business valuation for:

  • Partnership dispute
  • Commercial dispute
  • Business sale/Acquisition
  • Divorce settlement
  • Tax planning 

Our experienced and friendly team is on hand to help.

With access to real-time data, live dashboards and high-level performance reports, as well as having us as your trusted advisor by your side, you’ll have the confidence in any business decisions you make.

The combination of the above really means that you are in a better position to achieve your goals!

Supporting you every step of the way.

Our clients tell us that the added value that this ‘bouncing-off’ advice brings to their decision-making is what makes JS a different kind of accountancy firm. We’re not just providers of accounting and compliance services. We’re a trusted, integral part of your management team.

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