Welcome to Crezco, Xero’s best-rated payments app!

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We are delighted to announce that we now have a partner account with Crezco, Xero’s best-rat...

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We are delighted to announce that we now have a partner account with Crezco, Xero’s best-rated payments app!

At JS, we are committed to finding the best software solutions to make day-to-day administration more automated for our clients, to save them time and to alleviate the potential for manual errors.

Why Crezco?

Bulk Payments with Ease

With Crezco, you can make collective payments to suppliers and employees without delving into manual data entry. Seamlessly sync data from your accounting software and execute payments straight from your bank using open banking, eliminating the hassle of maintaining an e-wallet.

Enhanced Workflow

Crezco’s sharing and permissions feature lets your team formulate batch payments which, once ready, can then be shared with management for final approval and payment initiation. After payments are processed, Crezco effortlessly updates your accounting software, simplifying bank reconciliation.

Effortless Collections

But that's not all! Crezco isn’t just about making payments – it collects them too. By integrating a 'Pay Now' button onto your sales invoices, you offer a seamless experience for your customers, ensuring timely payments. The best part? No cards, no card fees!

Wide-ranging compatibility

Crezco integrates with all the popular software and will also handle international payments.

Want to explore more?

Reach out to Elaine Hardy, our Lead Digital Advisor on 01942 292542 or email elaine.hardy@jsllp.co.uk.  Elaine is here not only to guide you on the benefits and features of Crezco, but also to assist with any other digital software queries you might have.