Diane Brennan

Diane Brennan

Managing Partner

In a phrase, my core objective in professional life is, ‘to make a difference’.

In my case that means doing a lot of things well: making sure the firm runs smoothly; growing the client base; growing and developing a happy, outstandingly able team; and making sure we can keep abreast of our clients changing needs and demands as well as anyone … and better than most.

It’s an endless list. I need to learn about new businesses and what makes them tick; stay ahead of constant legislative changes; keep on top of technical advances that are re-shaping our business - and everyone else’s.

That means being agile and alert to our clients changing needs as they grow and prosper or acquire and dispose of businesses, re-structure and re-position.

It’s an absolutely absorbing task. By giving it everything I’ve got, I know I’m making a real difference to peoples’ careers; to the firm’s standing and progress; and to the outcomes of all our clients’ commitment and endeavour.

These outcomes tend to be measured in material terms, admittedly, but they make a significant difference to the lives of the clients, their workforces, their families and, in turn, their descendents.

That’s what I enjoy about accountancy.

I’ve been lucky enough to be enjoying my career with Jackson Stephen for 16 years now. With two sporty children (they don’t take after me!) I spend most of my spare time on some sort of touchline.

When I’m not making that game-changing difference, I am a frustrated Blackburn Rovers supporter who enjoys yoga and deluding myself that I’m creating my own vegetable version of ‘The Good Life’.

The slugs and caterpillars disagree.