John Jackson

John Jackson

Senior Partner

My father established the practice almost 100 years ago, in 1921.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant I took over the practice on my father’s death in 1968.

It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that I would enter the accountancy profession but on balance, having grown up in an environment where the notion of putting your talents at the service of your community and peers was fairly entrenched, I decided that I would follow suit.

The intervening 46 years have flown by. I’ve taken enormous pride, with my partners, in having built on the foundations laid by my father to create the thriving, dynamic, respected firm that Jackson Stephen has become today.

Perhaps it’s this background and ethos which led to my strength in a particular specialism - advising clients on business development and succession planning, notably for family businesses. Having been there and done it, so to speak, for most of my career, I feel fairly well qualified to advise on how it’s done!

Outside the confines of my accountancy career, I have always been and remain a keen hockey player. I have enjoyed considerably more success in this sport than golf, which I have been trying to get the hang of since I first became a Jackson Stephen partner. I am resigned to persevering until the penny drops!