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An important feature of the growth and expansion part of any business life cycle is making strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses.

Not only can the structuring of acquisitions be influenced by the tax position, but also it is necessary to review the tax position of the target to avoid any future tax exposure.

Our JS. Tax Advisory team will work with you to consider all aspects of a business acquisition and find the right solution for you.

How We Can Help

Depending upon the structure of the target business, there may be several options in relation to what it is you or your business buys.

It may be that the seller wants to sell shares in a company, as it is often more tax efficient for them to do so than selling the trade and assets and extracting the cash. However, there may be assets within the company you do not want, or assets with limited cost, therefore if sold in the future you could end up with a large tax bill. We will review the full position and create a plan to minimise your tax exposure to ensure you get the best deal possible.

If you buy a business, you often inherit the tax liabilities of the business.

It is therefore crucial that the target business’s tax affairs are reviewed, to identify any potential areas of concern. Our tax Due Diligence services cover all areas of tax including, PAYE, VAT, NIC, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Employment Related Securities, and much more.

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