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One of the first aspects to consider in any business or personal life cycle is the structure. Whether you are starting a business or looking to invest, the structure is often key to optimising the tax position.

The JS. Tax Advisory team can assist with all structuring requirements. 

Here are just some of the ways we can help.

If you get this right from the beginning, you will already be ahead of the game.

Have you considered how you will obtain value out of the business? What the position would look like on a sale/succession? How this all fits in with funding requirements?

Do not worry, we will do this for you.  Whilst your focus is on the commercial aspects of the business, let us take the lead on the structure. 

We will consider the optimum business structure, tell you what that is and help you put it in place. Whether that be a sole trader, partnership, or corporate structure, we will not just look at the basics, we will consider what opportunities are available from the outset to ensure maximum tax efficiencies as well as flexibility going forward.  We can see the future twists and turns of your business because we have experienced them first-hand, so we can make sure you are ready for them.

When investing, it is good practice to consider income yields and potential capital growth. One thing that is often forgotten is tax.

Tax can impact upon income and capital return; we can ensure you structure your investments to minimise tax and therefore maximise returns. 

We will make sure your structure reduces the tax you pay on income and gains, protects your Inheritance Tax position, and allows future flexibility. Whilst also considering non-tax matters such as asset protection.

We will devise the structure, tell you what it is, and help you put it in place.

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