Case Studies

Inheritance Tax Planning

One of our clients owns a mixture of businesses with a value running into tens of millions of pounds. Some of them are trades for tax purposes and therefore qualify for Business Property Relief.

Others do not.

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Property Business Demerger

For many years, one of our clients operated a family property investment business, made up of a number of valuable commercial properties.

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Cash Extraction

We have a client who was keen to make provision for his children and grandchildren, whilst retaining control over assets in his business.

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JS Seed Investments

Seed Enterprise Investment

We were approached by an existing client who was seeking investment in their new venture.  The client had two potential investors who were willing to invest £100,000 each into the company as loan capital. He wanted to know if this was the most tax efficient way of doing this.

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Living Abroad

One of our UK-based client companies has three individual shareholders. 

One of the shareholders decided to move to France permanently, with his family. 

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Joint Venture Business

A client of ours is engaged in providing IT maintenance contracts to business customers in the UK.

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Windfall from R&D Tax Relief

Our client is an owner-managed business involved in the manufacture and supply of quality, bespoke, precision turned parts and machined components. The company has grown from incorporation in 1982 to a position where it now employs 95 people and has an annual turnover in excess of £12million.

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Tax Relief on Commercial Properties

We were approached by a client who wanted to lease a number of commercial properties in Liverpool. The properties had previously been retail outlets in the City, but had been vacant for some time and had fallen into disrepair. The client's aim was to renovate the properties and turn them into offices to use in their business.

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Establishing & Advising the UK Subsidiary of a Large Biopharma Group

The finance director of a large biopharma group based in the EU approached us after setting up a UK subsidiary. She was looking for audit and accounting support in a country unfamiliar to the group.

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Supporting The Successful Sale of a Family-owned and Managed Businesses

We recently assisted one of our family-owned and managed businesses with the successful sale of their company. We worked closely with both the client and their corporate finance advisors to provide the necessary financial information to the purchaser as part of the due diligence process.

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R&D Tax Relief for a Regional Baker

Our client is an owner-managed business involved in the production and sale of bread, sandwiches and other confectionery. During the period in question, the company had won a substantial contract to supply bread and other baked goods to a supermarket chain within the region.

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R&D tax refund for North West textile company

Our client is a Manchester based large textile business involved in the production and supply of textiles.

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R&D Tax Refund for North West based packaging manufacturer

Our client is a North West based packaging manufacturing company involved in the development and production of packaging solutions for a number of specialist sectors including food and pharmaceuticals.

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Audit of a UK Manufacturer

We act for a UK manufacturer serving domestic and international markets including Europe and the US.

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Dividing a family property business

We were able to help the family to undertake a ‘demerger’ of the total portfolio into two separately held pieces, one in a company held by a trust for the first adult child, the other in a second company held by a trust for the second. 

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Personal and Business Finance Assistance, North West Accountants, Accountant for Manufacturers

JS supports manufacturing client to streamline their business and personal finances

JS helped a manufacturing client streamline their business and personal finances.

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JS helped streamline a recruiter’s finances through digital optimisation

Discover how JS streamlined a recruitment company's finances by combining their software and manual processes through our digital optimisation services. 

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Successful inheritance of aged Trust with no penalties

JS worked with a client to help with them an aged Trust with no penalties.

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JS assist in raising £5m of unsecured funds

We are delighted to have recently assisted a client with the successful application of unsecured funds of £5m.  Our client sought the funds to acquire new business premises and to deliver long-term plans for rapid growth.

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