Case Study

JS helped streamline a recruiter’s finances through digital optimisation

Discover how JS streamlined a recruitment company's finances by combining their software and manual processes through our digital optimisation services. 


This training provider, based in Wigan, was maintaining their records using a mix of cloud accounting software and manual records.  The cloud accounting software was used to generate invoices and statements for the funding body; while Excel records were used to maintain a record of purchase invoices.  Purchase orders were used in the business and were approved manually or by e-mail and budgets were prepared using Excel.

Key problems

  • A significant amount of time was spent by the business seeking approvals and typing up lists of purchase invoices. 
  • The business did not have real-time insight into its finances, often waiting until after month end when the financial information was collated.  In addition, they were unable to easily monitor the financial performance against budget, both for the business overall and by the department. 


  • We moved our client onto an all-encompassing cloud accounting software that now maintains their sales and purchase ledgers, bank transactions, and departmental budgets.  We supplemented this with the introduction of Dext and ApprovalMax which automates the purchasing workflow, from employees submitting purchase orders for approval to match invoices to purchase orders.  ApprovalMax also gives the approver details of the departmental budget, including the costs incurred so far this financial year. 
  • Futrli was also introduced to give the directors access to live dashboards that show the actual results against budgets in real-time.


Better control of budgets and finances, time savings associated with automation, instant view of financial performance in real-time, and better collaboration with us as their trusted adviser.

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