Case Study

R&D tax refund for North West textile company

Our client is a Manchester based large textile business involved in the production and supply of textiles.

As a successful business in the textile industry, the company is constantly seeking to adapt and push for growth in areas of technology and sustainability. In doing so, the business had made significant investments to develop their E-Commerce platforms and its integration with a bespoke ERP software system.

In addition, during the period in question, the business sought to develop a range of improved premium fabrications. One example was for the use in the healthcare sector to provide added comfort, hygiene and durability to healthcare personal wearing it.

The company consistently seeks to develop new textiles, fabrics, materials and production processes. Trialing and developing various methods of sustainable manufacturing and adapting to changes in legislation or industry requirements and ensuring the highest quality and demands of the fashion industry.

The company had not previously considered claiming R&D Tax Relief, as they did not consider that their activities would qualify. However, following a conversation with our R&D Tax experts, JS were able to explore and unearth all potentially qualifying activities in the business and assist the company in making a successful R&D claim.

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