Digital tools for retailers

By Sarah Smith

Digital Services Manager



Are you a retailer? Keeping track of sales and stock levels can be difficult, especially for businesses with more than one sales channel. Read our guide on digital tools that can save you time and keep your business on track.

The retail industry has seen the biggest changes in recent years, notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers demand more. More ways to pay, more ways to shop, more sustainable products and a smooth customer experience to suit. This is inevitably driving the retail industry’s digital revolution.

The abundance of technology available has changed the consumer experience and has led to efficiencies throughout retail operations but it’s not all about what’s happening at the front end. A high volume of transactions is common in the retail sector as well as different sales channels and, as mundane as it may be, the collation of this data for accounting should be a smooth experience too.

Gone are the days of manually keying in Z till reports or using Excel records to keep a track of stock. Instead technology used at operational level should send information to the accounting system, saving time and reducing the scope for error that exists with manual input.

Download our guide, Digital Tools for Retailers, which provides further insight on how we can help retail businesses of any age streamline the flow of accounting data into their accounting system.