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Our digital team will ensure you have the right systems and processes in place to allow for financial information to be available in real-time, and to streamline and monitor results efficiently. Let the technology of tomorrow help your business today!

Ready to save time, paper, money, and more? We use the latest technology and innovations to automate, create, and accelerate your business digitally. Whether it’s swiping right on an app or with a single click on a mouse, we can help. The future’s yours.

Why Digital?

We are often asked what the benefits are of being digital, after all, cloud accounting software and digital tools are fairly new. Well, there are many benefits of being digital, these include:

Reducing the amount of time spent on manual data entry which can be reinvested in other areas of the business, such as strategy and planning.

Reducing reliance on paper which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

More informed business decisions through access to real-time business and financial data and through predictive tools.

Reducing the scope for error.

Better collaboration with your staff.

Better collaboration with your trusted advisor.

You will also be ready for Making Tax Digital!

Why JS?

JS have been at the forefront of all things digital for quite some time. We have: 

  • Strong relationships with the key cloud accounting software providers
  • Software partners covering core business systems beyond the accounting side of things
  • Digitally trained staff across the firm
  • Many software certifications throughout the firm. Over 75% of our staff are certified in the key cloud accounting software providers
  • Highly experienced and skilled digital experts

What can we do?

Our team is here to help, whether you need help choosing the right accounting software, help to get the most out of your accounting software and wider business systems, help to get ready for Making Tax Digital or simply would like us to keep on top of your finances for you our experts are ready and waiting with all the support you need.

Our Digital Advisory Services include:

Cloud Accounting

Let us keep you on top of your finances.

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Cloud Adoption

Helping you choose the right software.

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Cloud Optimisation

Getting the most out of your software.

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Digital Health Checks

Track and monitor the way you use systems and find areas of improvement.

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Get ready for making tax digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is HMRC’s incentive that aims to help businesses and individuals calculate their tax liabilities and stay on top of their tax affairs.

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Ask us about software for landlords - Hammock

We’re excited to announce our exciting new partnership with Hammock, which is a property finance platform, created to help landlords save time and money.

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