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Transactional & Restructuring

Most transactions result in tax considerations, tax may even be the reason for the transaction. Getting the right advice is therefore crucial to protecting the tax position and mitigating exposure where possible.

A Truly Rounded Team

Our JS Tax Advisory team has many years of experience in advising owner-managed businesses on all transactional matters. We pride ourselves on being able to see the big picture and give fully rounded advice, our specialisms include but are not limited to:


The first aspect to consider in any business or personal life cycle is the structure.  Whether you are starting a business or looking to invest, the structure is often key to optimising the tax position

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So, you’re setting up a new business? The next thing to consider is how you can raise funds. Or maybe you have a business but are looking to grow and need growth capital?  Whether you are looking for third-party investors or funding personally, how this is structured can be the difference between securing investment and not.

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An important feature of the growth and expansion part of any business life cycle is making strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses. Not only can the structuring of acquisitions be influenced by the tax position, but it is also necessary to review the tax position of the target to avoid any future tax exposure.

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Is your business structure still fit for purpose?  As a business grows and develops, often the dynamics of the business and objectives of the shareholders also grow and develop. Reviewing your current structure to ensure it is still fit for purpose is key, and if it is not, restructuring can lead to tax efficiencies and also ensure your commercial and personal objectives are met.

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Business Disposal

Time to cash out? Or perhaps you want to pass the business to the next generation?  All businesses need a strong succession plan, both in terms of key roles within the business and also the ownership structure.  Careful tax planning can maximise exit proceeds or ensure no tax charges arise when transfering to the next generation.

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